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Our Andreas-room is suitable for a maximum of 9 guests. Write your creative thoughts on the whiteboard wall, and show your ideas on the Projection screen. The room has a full glass wall, when you are working on an extremely secret project you can create a hide-away by closing the curtains. 


Funfact: The coat of arms of Amsterdam 

consists out of 3 Andrew Crosses and they stand for being: heroic, determined and merciful.   

ROOM SIZE:     13 m2


Andreas 2.jpg


Our Persijn-room has the same amount of space as the Andreas room and is also suitable for a maximum of 9 guests. The facilities are identical to the Andreas room and allows you to have brainstorm sessions, small get-togethers, or a small karaoke sing-a-long. Name it, and we will find a way to make it happen! 


Funfact: Jan Persijn was Lord of Amsterdam 

between 1280 – 1282 after he Protected 

Haarlem against besiegers. His family owned large parts of Amsterdam. 

ROOM SIZE:     13 m2


Andreas + Persijn.jpg


Andreas and Persijn can be combined into one meeting room. If your size of co-creatives changes during the day, we can adapt to your wishes. Both rooms combined can hosts groups up to 20 guests. The room will have 2 screens and can be set in different positions. We love to listen to your ideas and make a perfect setting for you.  


Funfact: The Persijn family shield is the foundation of the coat of arms of Amsterdam.

ROOM SIZE:     26 m2

ROOM UP TO:   20



In the lion’s den, you and 24 other lions can roar your ideas without disturbing anyone else. Be brave like the lions, and hunt your ideas together in the 31m2 meeting room. With more than enough daylight you can let your manes (and IDeas) shine.


Funfact: The two lions are the shield bearers in the coat of arms of Amsterdam. The lions are symbol for heraldry in the Dutch history. The lions were added to the coat of arms in the 16th century.

ROOM SIZE:     31 m2

ROOM UP TO:   24

U-shape back 2.jpg


Adam can host your larger events. Adam has a capacity up to 250 guests. Whether you want to give an informative presentation or if you want to celebrate the Friday afternoon; we are in! Adam is created by removing all the flexible walls and measures 143m2.

Funfact: ADAM which is short for Amsterdam is also called Mokum. Mokum is Hebrew for for "city" or "place" and this often used nickname comes from the large Jewish population that used to live in Amsterdam.

ROOM SIZE:     143 m2

ROOM UP TO:   250   (150 SEATED)

The Crest theatre side.jpg


The Crest can host your more exclusive events and dinners. A capacity of 80 guests can be seated for dinner. Further 100 guests are welcome for a reception, with an outstanding bar. The Crest also offers the possibility to host presentations, meetings and trainings.

ROOM SIZE:     93 m2

ROOM UP TO:   100  (80 SEATED)